Friday, January 6, 2012

Random Post of the shows that i am obsessed with.

In no type of order these are the shows that i watch or watched from beginning to end or still watching. 

Terra Nova: A Science Fiction Drama about a family of 5 who lives in the year 2149. A year of no hope. The Shannon family travels through a portal back into the Cretaceous period where dinosaurs live among them. They go there for a new and better life. But have some troubles along the way with carnivorous dinosaurs and a group of savages called the Sixers. 

Falling Skies: A Science Fiction Drama about a group of civilians dealing with the apocalypse in Boston. What started it? Extraterrestrials. They have to fight to survive. It's a really really good show that aired in July of 2011 but won't come back till the summer. A whole year waiting for this show to come back on is just torture. 

Sons of Anarchy: A very awesome Drama Series. The Sons of Anarchy is an kick ass motorcycle club. They protect and control their town called Charming. If anyone double crosses them they kill em. That's how they deal with business. Tons of drama and violence in this show. definitely not suitable for children lol.

Glee: A musical comedy-drama about a high school glee club competing on show choir. I have been in choir my whole life so i for this show to come out was a dream come true. The kids in this glee club are all very talented but not everyone in the school sees it. They pick on them for being in the glee club but that makes the relationship of the glee club get stronger and they turn into a big family.

The Secret Circle: A Teen Drama series about a teenager named Cassie Blake who moves in with her grandmother because of the death of her mother. She meets 6 teenagers and they tell her that they are all witches and so is she. She struggles in learning who she really is and find obstacles in the way and people will get hurt.

Once Upon a Time: A Fairy-tale Drama series about Snow White and her prince who has a child name Emma and she is in danger so they hid her in a tree that will take her to another world. The evil queen who was after them and wanted that baby was angry that they did that so she cast a spell and they all traveled to the modern world and no one remembers who they were before that world except a little boy who has the story book and he tries to make everyone remember with the help of snow white daughter.

Supernatural: A Supernatural and Horror series about 2 brothers who hunts demons and supernatural creatures. In the beginning they set off on a journey to find their father thinking he might be in trouble and along the way they hunt the monsters their dad talked about in his journal. Throughout the show they make allies with demons and makes friends with an angel. They want to have a normal and try to do so but living the way they do they realize they can't have a normal life.

Hart of Dixie: A Comedy-Drama series about a Doctor from New York who wants to follow in her fathers footsteps in being a cardio-thoracic surgeon. But that didn't go well so she decides to take an offer from a stranger to work with him in his practice in Bluebell, Alabama. But when she gets there she finds out that he died and leaves half the practice to her. So she takes it and is struggling because almost everyone in the whole town hates her. In order for her to keep the business she needs to have people want to be her patient but seeing that they hate her it's kind of hard so she does crazy things to make them like her but she somehow made it worse. 

The Walking Dead: The best show ever is a post-apocalyptic horror series about a small group of people living in the zombie apocalypse. They try to find stay alive searching for a new home away from the "Walkers". The main character is a sheriff. Before the apocalypse happened he got shot and was in a coma and then woke up to find everyone gone and zombies everywhere. He goes to his house and sees that his wife and son aren't there so he searches for them and befriends some people along the way.

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