Friday, January 13, 2012

Mixed feelings about leaving...

I have nothing really to say. I mean i don't do much just sit in my room waiting to move out of this state. I'm so anxious to move out of Connecticut but so very worried i won't make any friends in Florida. I'm a little shy so it's going to be tough. I feel as if i'll be alone, I won't be alone of course my mother is coming along but my brother isn't. He's 20 years old and he's my best friend. It's going to be very hard leaving without him. He chose to stay in CT with our dad because he isn't ready to leave. I understand where he's coming from but i just wish he would move with us. He doesn't know it but i need him in my life, way more then he needs me. I of course don't tell him this, i have a hard time telling the people close to me how i feel. I wanted this for so long, I wanted to leave Connecticut and start fresh somewhere else, but i've never been more scared in my whole life.


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