Friday, April 20, 2012

After all my strength is gone, In you I can be strong, I look to you.

Haven't been on in quite a bit. Reason is my computer hasn't been working for like 5 months so yeaaaa. I changed since the last time I came on here. I got stronger, my faith in god also got stronger. When you've been in a rough place for a long time and have nobody to run to because of your angry problems, family problems or something simple like a bad heartbreak, well a heartbreak isn't simple but you get I mean, you can always turn to god. He's there 24/7 all you have to do is talk to him and he will listen, he IS listening. I was a mess for about mooonths due to the things I mentioned, it got bad I was in my room on my knees crying my eyes out I couldn't stop, then I started praying. Well I already use to pray every night before I go to bed but this prayer was different, I asked god to help me, help to gain strength and help me to forgive. I stayed there on the floor praying and crying, I had my arms in the air hoping that if I put them higher that god would reach down and touch me, I just wanted to know if he was there, suddenly I felt something warm and comforting and I just stopped crying, I got up feeling a weight was lifted off my shoulders. From that moment on all I wanted to do was get closer to god. He saved me.

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